Enabling a secure and fair future

Create jobs

people a more independent and secure life.

Create secure, fairly paid full-time jobs

Thanks to well-paid work, people in less privileged regions of the world can feed their families, send their children to school and look positively to the future.

Create jobs that really make a difference – and share the success stories with your networks!

We regularly report on the people whose lives you are making a significant difference to. Your networks will love these inspiring stories!

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Happy workers in Thailand.

The enthusiastic team in Ghana.

Hard-working tree planters in the Philippines.

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How Click A Tree creates well-paid jobs

All our sustainability projects have one thing in common: a lot of physical work is required to realize them. And in line with our corporate DNA of holistic sustainability, all these people are paid fairly for their work. No volunteer work. No starvation wages. Good pay for good work. The resulting stories are heart-warming – and inspire both your customers and your own team. Who wouldn’t want to buy from or work for a company that is globally committed to fair working conditions?

What you achieve with safe workplaces

Men and women can feed their families and look to the future with optimism.

Parents can send their children to school and finance their education.

People can afford preventive healthcare and treatment.

Overall, by creating safe workplaces with Click A Tree, you are supporting 12 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

But that’s not all: Click A Tree supports all 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations.

How your company benefits from the creation of secure jobs

The employees in your team will of course also be happy to have a secure, well-paid job. In addition, you benefit from the creation of secure jobs in the Global South through:

1) Moving marketing material:
The stories of the people whose lives you influence so significantly naturally also move people here in Germany.
2) Strong employer branding:
Anyone who campaigns for better working conditions in the Global South is highly valued by job-seeking talent – because of course they assume that you are a great employer.
3) Press attention:

The media are always happy to report on moving success stories. In this case, it’s you, your company and the great commitment that makes such a difference.

4) Sales arguments:
Consumers prefer to buy from brands that treat workers fairly. This applies both to your own team and to social commitment beyond your own company.
5) Use the numbers:
Enrich your sustainability, CSR and ESG reports with concrete facts and figures about your global commitment. Social sustainability is also an enormously important factor here!
6) Valuable transparency:

Thanks to our Universal Impact platform, you have access to all the figures and statistics on the jobs you have created at any time and can share them all at the click of a mouse.

Are you ready to make your company even more attractive?

Minimal effort. Maximum effect. What you get from us.

Because most people already have enough to do, we take care of the complete implementation of our sustainability projects.

1) You tell us quarterly how many hours you can work. We take care of the rest. Minimum effort with maximum effect.

2) You will receive regular updates, reports, pictures and of course success stories of the people you make so incredibly happy.
3) We send you ready-made marketing material, including templates for website articles, social media posts and press releases that you can use freely.
4) You will receive ongoing marketing inspiration from us to communicate your great commitment as profitably as possible.
5) You unlock access to our Universal Impact platform so that you can see what you are achieving at any time. Sharing is a mouse click away.
6) Bonus: As hard workers are needed for all our projects, we also create forests, collect ocean plastic and fund schools for you and your business.
Minimal effort. Maximum effect. Are you in?

Which companies are suitable for creating jobs

Logically, well-paid jobs are the responsibility of every company that operates sustainably. Especially for companies that…

Updates from the workers

Find out more in our blog.

Voices on Click A Tree’s creation of safe workplaces

(The testimonials still need to be improved; the goal is 3 testimonials per project category; please include space for a picture of the person quoted).



Tractor healer; graduate of the Entrepreneur School 2019

Madame Mariama

Team Leader “Women’s Team 1” in the reforestation project in Ghana
Text (maybe Wilson Gastanes? other success stories?)

Kwaku Bio

Former student of the entrepreneurship school in Kyinderi
Kwaku completed his three-year training at the technical university of

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