The Click A Tree Story

Of Tanzania, Thailand and big dreams

After living and working on five continents, Chris moved to Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand in 2012. There he fell madly in love with the elephants and experienced the massive problem of deforestation.

And so Click A Tree began…


The birth

Click A Tree founder Chris Kaiser was born in Freiburg in southern Germany. He spends his first six years in rural areas of Cameroon and Tanzania, experiencing from an early age what it is like to live in the less privileged regions of our planet.


The very first tree

At the age of three, Chris planted his very first tree in the garden of his parents’ house in Tanzania. Who would have thought that so many would follow?


Really hard in love

Chris moves to Thailand and falls in love with elephants. Their biggest challenge is the loss of their habitat due to deforestation. This later prompted Chris to found Click A Tree.


1,000 trees

The first thousand trees are planted in Thailand. “Just to do something,” Chris remembers. This figure grows to 6,000 within the first two years.


Chris meets Paul

Chris takes part in the enpact mentoring program in Berlin and Nairobi, which is sponsored by GIZ and BMW. There he meets Dr. Paul Blazek, his future mentor and business partner. Two months later, Chris founds “Now Is the Time” – the predecessor to Click A Tree.


100,000 trees

The one hundred thousandth tree has been planted. At the same time, the first group of Ghanaian students successfully graduates from the founding school.


First team member

Susanne is the first to join the team. Now Is The Time becomes Click A Tree GmbH, with Chris and Paul as the founding team.


New record on television

Chris pitches Click A Tree on “Die Höhle der Löwen” and breaks several records. 4 out of 5 investors are fighting over who gets to invest in Click A Tree.


Back to the roots

Chris visits his old home in Tanzania and actually locates the house where he once grew up. In the meantime, nature has reclaimed the house: Chris finds a ruin overgrown with plants. He is very happy about this: “Nature can regenerate if we just let it.”


The first office

After Click A Tree was previously organized completely remotely, the very first physical office will be inaugurated on April 1, 2023. Fittingly, it is located in Germany’s sustainability capital Heidelberg.


Target: 1 million trees

The goal for 2024 is big: Click A Tree will become a tree millionaire. If you would like to support us in this ambitious mission, you can get started right here or arrange a non-binding meeting.