Promoting opportunities for women

Promoting women for equal opportunities.

Through well-paid jobs as well as gender-open educational opportunities, you ensure equal rights and equal opportunities for women in less privileged regions of our planet.

Show your team and your customers that you care about gender inequality!
You will regularly receive motivating success stories from us that you can use to inspire your networks.

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Women in Ghana planting trees.

Well-paid work enables them to feed their families and send their children to school.

In the course of their entrepreneurial training, they are taught both manual skills and... well as in terms of their computer knowledge.

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The Click A Tree equality initiative

In all our reforestation projects, both men and women are employed and paid equally.

In this way, women can make a valuable contribution to supporting their families.

In addition, men and women are also trained in our business schools in Ghana. The resulting success stories are super inspiring!

What you achieve through equality

Women are treated, trained and paid in the same way as men.

Their income enables them to feed their families and send their children to school.

The training at the business school prepares them for the challenges of management.

By working with Click A Tree, you are supporting many of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

How your company benefits from equality

Marketing material:

The success stories of the women you support are super inspiring and are therefore ideal for your company’s external communication.

Employer branding:

As an employer, you want to inspire both men and women with your brand. Do this by showing them that you are committed to equality.

Sales arguments:

Promoting equality is more than just marketing. Since not all companies have recognized this yet, you are setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Are you ready to make your company even more attractive?

Minimum effort & maximum effect:

What you get from us

You provide us with your figures on a quarterly basis. We take care of the rest. Minimum effort with maximum effect.

You will receive regular updates, reports, images and, of course, success stories and inspiration for marketing campaigns.

We provide you with ready-made marketing material, including templates for website articles, social media posts and press releases.

We provide you with ongoing marketing inspiration, personalized marketing material and up-to-date images and videos for your corporate communications.

Thanks to our Universal Impact platform, you always have an overview of all the great things you do – and can share them at the click of a mouse.

Bonus: Creating new opportunities for women helps local people and your community can identify with it wonderfully.

Minimum effort & maximum impact: Are you in?

Which companies are suitable for women empowerment

In short: naturally for everyone. Supporting equal rights and equal opportunities is particularly suitable for companies that…

Voices on Click A Tree’s equality initiative

(The testimonials still need to be improved; the goal is 3 testimonials per project category; please include space for a picture of the person quoted).


Technician: Graduate of the business school in Ghana 2019

I always wanted to be a tractor mechanic. But as a young woman in Ghana, that is almost unthinkable.
Thanks to the training at the Entrepreneur School, I was able to acquire all the knowledge and initial practical skills I needed to fulfill my dream. I have now been offered an apprenticeship to further develop my skills.
I want to start my own business soon and then teach other women how to repair tractors. I am so proud!


Madame Mariama

Team Leader “Women’s Team 1” in the reforestation project in Ghana
I have eight children. This is not uncommon here in rural Ghana. And of course it’s not always easy to feed such a large family. I am super grateful to Click A Tree and all our partners for the wonderful support we receive here. My team and I look forward to going to work every day because we are well paid and treated fairly. We can help to ensure that our children have a planet worth living on – and we can now afford to provide them with an education. Thank you very much for that!


Regional manager for reforestation in northern Thailand for Click A Tree

I am incredibly grateful for this work. Of course it has changed my life. I still work for other people, but now I take care of them by doing what I love. And the trees I help to plant will provide a future for so many other people and animals.