Click A Tree reviews and experiences

Why criticism is very important to us at Click A Tree

Only those who do nothing make no mistakes. We are not one of them. And that is of course why there is always criticism of Click A Tree. We think that’s good. Because constructive criticism in particular helps us to improve. That’s why we even share this criticism publicly – and report on what we have learned from it.


“I don’t have the certification.”

Carsten Maschmeyer

Criticism #1: The certification

The background

Following our appearance on “Die Höhle der Löwen”, the planned deal with Judith Williams and Carsten Maschmeyer did not materialize. One of the main reasons for this was the coronavirus-related lockdown and the fact that we were working almost exclusively with partners in the tourism industry at the time.
Another point that Carsten Maschmeyer criticized was the lack of certification. When looking for a reliable ESG partner, companies naturally need the certainty that the sustainability promises will also be implemented.
For this reason, we underwent the intensive “B Corp” certification process – and were certified with top marks in March 2023.

Our learning

Of course, it was a shame to hear at the beginning that the two investors were canceling the cooperation. However, the lengthy certification process has shown us where we can improve even further – making Click A Tree an even more holistically sustainable company.
You can find more details about our B Corp certification here.

“It would be nice if I could see my impact numbers somewhere.”

Click A Tree user

Point of criticism #2: Missing impact figures

The background

If companies regularly plant trees with Click A Tree, the number of trees planted by them is of course an interesting figure. It is a thoroughly human trait to want to measure success. In addition, the figures are usually linked to economic success, which also makes them a marker of performance marketing. Initially, the trees were planted without allocating the number to the individual cooperation companies. Our focus was on the resulting forest and less on the individual tree as a marketing parameter.

Our learning

In the context of digitalization, we are all thinking much more in terms of concrete figures. Of course, it is important for companies that work with Click A Tree to know how many trees they have planted with us. That is why we have set up free access to our Universal Impact Platform for all people and all companies that work with us. The exact number of trees planted can be tracked here. The dashboard is wonderfully easy to use.