Plant trees and make dreams come true with your company

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Did you know that planting trees can lead to great success? And not just because they supply us with oxygen. Trees can also make dreams come true!

But don’t just take our word for it… In this article you can read the success stories of Mary, John and Collins: Three young Ghanaians who were able to realize their dreams with the help of trees.

Planting forests, promoting education and meeting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

For us, planting forests means more than just throwing seeds into the ground. In all our projects, we strive to achieve the greatest possible impact by creating self-sufficient forests, ensuring food security through crop trees (fruit, nuts,…), working with full-time employees and empowering people to follow their dreams.

In this way, each of our projects fulfills the UN’s 17 sustainability goals. With the Entrepreneurial School we support in Ghana, we focus on Sustainable Development Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

This means that our partners are not only restoring a beautiful landscape, but also achieving an ESG strategy that is making a big difference to people’s lives!

Because when our partners plant forests with us in Ghana, they are also helping to support this school, whose aim is to promote the education of young entrepreneurs and give them the skills to realize their dreams.

You can find more information about the project in Ghana here.

How planting forests makes a difference for people

In the village of Zongo Macheri, where our entrepreneurial school is located, access to education is an important lifeline for young people. There they learn to write business plans, manage their finances and develop a good marketing strategy.

Since its launch in 2019, the school in Zongo Macheri has trained 20 young people every year. We would now like to introduce you to three of these graduates so that you can see how planting forests can change people’s lives. Here are Mary, John and Collins!

Mary, the tractor healer

Mary is one of the school’s newest graduates. For a young person, her dream is an unusual one: Mary wants to be a tractor mechanic, an incredibly important role in a country where so many people rely on their home-grown food!

Thanks to the entrepreneurship school and the practical experience she is gaining working on the agricultural equipment in our tree planting project, Mary is now well on her way to realizing her dream of becoming a self-employed tractor mechanic.

John, the photographer

John’s dream is to work as a photographer and take photos of amazing places and famous people. Just a dream? Not at all. Since obtaining his certificate at the Entrepreneurial School at the end of 2019, he has come a lot closer to his goal.

With the help of Stephanie Kubik from SK Hotels & Venues and Click A Tree, John was able to purchase his own professional camera equipment. John now works locally as a photographer and saves his money to continue his education. We are sure that his energy and talent will soon take him a long way!

Collins, the pearl whisperer

Collins was one of the first graduates of the Entrepreneurial School. His dream was not only to run his own company, but also to help others start their own.

And amazingly, despite the pandemic, he managed to realize his dream: Collins has set up his own bead embroidery business and a school for those who want to learn bead embroidery.

The result: beautiful beaded bags, key rings, jewelry and even flip-flops! And at the end of 2022, Collins was even able to present its first own graduates to the world. Congratulations!

Helping to boost success: Promoting more education

What’s even better than a superpower? Two! 🙂

At Click A Tree, we are committed to making a real difference. That is why our tree planting projects are designed from the ground up to have the greatest possible social impact, benefit the environment in the long term and meet all 17 UN sustainability goals.

We have therefore decided to open a second school for entrepreneurs in 2022, this time in Tamale, the capital of the region. Being located in a bustling city means that more young people have access to the school and that there are more opportunities for them to bring their business ideas to life!

There was still a lot of building going on here:

And here the inauguration is already being celebrated with the community:

Make trees part of your ESG strategy: become a Click-A-Tree partner

Our partners can be really proud of their achievements: In Ghana alone, we planted 40,159 trees in 2022 with their support. That’s 40,159 climate change fighters and protectors of local wildlife!

And then there are the social impacts: Every tree planted creates valuable jobs for the local community and helps young entrepreneurs to create a better future for themselves. That’s why we call our project “Trees for Entrepreneurs”!

Would you also like to get involved and plant trees to make dreams come true? Then just send us a short email! We would be happy to tell you about our projects and how planting forests can become a valuable part of your ESG strategy and bring more profit to your company. For more inspiration, you can also take a look at our case studies for companies.