Effective & cost-efficient implementation of CSR guidelines in the event sector

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The Tuttlingen halls’ strategy for success

Tuttlinger Hallen von außen, und am Abend. Im Vordergrund ein kleiner See, in dem sich die Stadthalle mit Lichtern spiegelt.

The economic added value: efficient implementation of CSR guidelines

When booking a conference in the Tuttlingen halls, trees are automatically planted by the participants. The costs of planting trees are already included in the packages offered.

Various conference packages allow a variable distribution of costs:

  • Standard conference package (one tree is planted for every five participants)
  • Comfort conference package (one tree is planted for every two participants)
  • Green meetings (one tree is planted for every one participant)
You can also find an interesting blog article on the CSRD contribution obligation here.

Best practice example: Working economically and sustainably in cooperation with Click A Tree

The Tuttlingen halls include the Stadthalle Tuttlingen and the Angerhalle Möhringen, two event venues with a wide variety of rooms suitable for any setting, from conferences to cultural events.

The collaboration has already resulted in 500 trees being planted, which brings economic benefits:

  • CSR requirements are met
  • Positive media attention
  • Enables targeted marketing campaigns
  • Customer loyalty through sustainable commitment
  • Variable cost distribution of tree planting maintains competitiveness
  • Uncomplicated implementation thanks to the automatically received tree planting per conference flat rate

Guests are informed about the collaboration with Click A Tree:

  • Digital flyer about conference packages with reference to Click A Tree as a cooperation partner
  • Social media posts about the collaboration with Click A Tree
  • Sustainability report


from Elisabeth Schweizer, Project Management and Marketing, Location Tuttlinger Hallen: “The collaboration with Click A Tree is uncomplicated and runs smoothly, which is why we really appreciate it. “You still have time and can put your energy into your day-to-day business, which is a win-win situation for all parties.”